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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friedrich Fermazin and Justine Brauer: 2nd marriage

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Friedrich Fermazin remarried, also in LabischJan.9,1853 Friedrich Formazin widower of Rynarzewo age 31, “Einwohner”

Got married to Justine Brauer, daughter of mailman of Arnoldowo age 25 years, 6 months

1. Evangelische Kirche labischin (Kr Schubin), Tote 1852-1863 -- Taufen, Tote, Heiraten 1852 -- Heiraten, Taufen, Tote 1853 -- Geburten, Heiraten, Tote 1854-1857. Marriages Item  Entry # 7/1853
   FHL microfilm 714,894.

There  were no more Formazins in Labischin parish up to 1862 when parish records end.
Later, in the civil registry of Rynarschewo, I found no birth, marriage nor death records up to 1881.So, they moved out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Boardwalk

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On the Boardwalk

Looks like summer fun is here.
Swim suit weather is upon us. I have been looking through my collection of old photos for swim suits. Isn't it funny that I don't have any pictures of myself in a swim suit growing up.  Hmmmnn. We spent many a summer on Lake Geneva swimming.  We also used to go to my Great-Uncle and Aunt's:  Carl and Margaret Fermazin's cabin in southern Wisconsin and swim at the lake. We played with inner tubes, snorkled, built sand castles, fished, dived,  etc. 
I did find some pictures of family through out the years that I'd like to share with you.
  I found this picture of my Grandma Fermazin and Aunt Lola and Aunt Margaret having fun along the Fox River in Aurora, Illinois. What a shocker. I could never imagine Grandma in a bathing suit.  I always knew Grandma in a flowered dress with an apron making Apple pies and Strawberry pies in the kitchen and baking cookies at Christmas time.
Here they are!  Margaret Steil Fermazin sister-in-law to Mary Linden Fermazin my grandma.  Aunt Lola, my dad's sister looks to be about 13 years old here so this must be a picture from about 1927. The picture of my Grandma Mary, Aunt Margaret, and Aunt Lola looks like it was taken at the same place as the vintage post card below.

Grandma Mary Linden Fermazin
Fox River
Aurora, Illinois ca.1927
However, I could never picture Grandma as a young woman in a bathing suit. What a treasure to find this picture.

                                                Pin Up Girls   1927

Ca: 1927
Grandma Mary Linden Fermazin
Margaret Steil Fermazin
Lola Fermazin
Fox River
Aurora, Illinois

The Fox River runs north and south in Illinois.  Dad spent many a summer fishing along the banks At one time he even owned an island in the Fox River.  When we were kids growing up he took us every night to fish with him while mom worked.
 vintage post cards of the Fox River in Aurora, Illinois

I dabble in scrapbooking: Digital; Hybrid; Classic.
I want to share two pages I made using my Grandma's Swim pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

                                      I just know they were having a great time!

Grace Worthing age 12; Charlie Worthing age 46, Ed Castor, Rose Castor, Maxine Worthing 

Here is a picture of my mom, Grace Worthing and her dad Charlie Worthing visiting from Truro, Iowa in Sandusky, Ohio with his niece and nephew Ed and Rose Castor (parents of Annie Castor Glenn) and Maxine Worthing daugher of Walter Worthing who was son of Charlie Worthing. What a CATCH! Great day fishing.  Maxine Worthing grew up in New Concord, Ohio to become a registered nurse. She was raised by Eppa and Guy Mossholder of New Concord, Ohio.


                                             Bathing Beauties of the 1954 era

Aren't they happy girls.  Oh those are the good ole days.
Summer fun at 251 Hillside Avenue, Aurora, Illinois. Mary Fermazin and her best friend Judy Mindar enjoying "getting a tan".  I remember this year. My sister Mary got a really bad 3rd degree sunburn from too much sun.

Now we move on to 2010 with bikinis and speedos. Here is a picture of my grandson, Peter on the high school swim team and he even plays water polo in the Fall. He is really a handsome young man.  I bet the girls say, "What a hunk!". Pete, I am so proud of you. Mom and dad have done a great job.  You are indeed my pride and joy.

Peter 2010
Swim Team
Water Polo

And then one last picture from 2010 having fun on the beach in Hawaii.

© 2010, copyright Nancy Fermazin

Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Adolphus Ames and Ira Daniel Ames and John Norton Ames

 | Liberty, Mc Kean PA; New York; Cottage Grove, Dane, WI
Adolphus Ames: Goal to find birthplace and relationship to John Norton Ames
1840- 1850 then off to Wisconsin | Liberty McKean Pennsylvania
Adolphus Ames was born in NY in 1809. Where? Unknown (
Married Sarah Julia ______________(last name unknown) in NY in 1837
Lived in New York State (unknown, but maybe Schoharie, NY) in 1809-1840
Lived in Liberty, Mc Kean, PA from 1840-1850
Lived in Cottage Grove,Dane, WI from 1851-1854
Children: Sarah born in 1838 in NY; Ira Daniel born 1842 in Liberty Mc Kean, PA; Henry born in 1845 in Liberty McKean, PA; Andrew Jackson born in 1848 in Liberty McKean, PA.
Adolphus land deed in Liberty Mc Kean, PA joined the land of Joseph Ames. Both Adolphus and Joseph signed as witnesses for each other's land.1850 Census PA McKean County, Liberty Township. Living there in 1850.  Age 41.
Farmer value of land $ 700.00
one person could read and write
Lists wife Sarah Julia 31 born in NY, Sarah age 12 born in NY, Ira age 7 born PA, Henry age 5, Andrew age 2
1 person could read and write per census.1850 Census PA McKean
1. Deed: Adolphus Ames: Book H, page 59,
26 September 1850.
2. Deed: Joseph Ames:  book H, p. 655,
26 August 1850
3. Adolphus Ames Liberty Township, Item 1789, Book 83, page 373, Grantee     CA Anderson and Grantor National Transit Co.  Loc:  Norwich.
4. Joseph Ames Warrant # 173, Item 2350, L 36, page 481, Loc: Norwich.
Grantree: CA Anderson; Grantor: J. Colegrove?
Adolphus Ames is my great great grandfather. I have spent many months hunting for his information.
Adolphus was born in New York state in 1809. Birth or Baptismal records have not appeared yet for him. I have a few leads but nothing is panning out. Adolphus married a Sarah Julia (last name unknown) in 1837. Their first daughter, Sarah, was born in New York state in 1838. Sarah grew up to marry Milo Campbell of Dane County Wisconsin but I'm fast forwarding...By 1840 the family was living in Liberty Township, Mc Kean (pronounced Mc Kane) County Pennsylvania where three sons are born, Ira Daniel (my great grandfather), Henry, and Andrew Jackson Ames.
There are other Ames living in Mc Kean County. One is Samuel Ames of Bradford Township, Cyrus Ames age 75 of Liberty Township, and Jospeh Ames living of Liberty Township. Joseph married Hannah and stayed in the area. Adolphus moved out of the area to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. I think Sarah his wife died on the migration to Wisconsin because Adolphus died in 1854. In his probate, it said his wife had been dead for several years.
I finally ruled out Cyrus Ames as my ancestor. Now I have to search the records for Samuel Ames of Bradford Township, McKean Pennsylvania to see if he is the father of Adolphus.
It is possible that Joseph Ames and Adolphus Ames are brothers. They each signed as witnesses to each others property. The properties adjoin.
There is a Roxania Ames living in Liberty Township who is married to a Joel Rice, a Methodist circuit rider. Joel Rice buys property from Adolphus in 1850 when Adolphus, Sarah Julia and their children leave Mc Kean for Dane County Wisconsin.  Roxania may be a sibling of Adolphus and Joseph Ames.
Adolphus moved from McKean PA to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. In August 1854 in Dane County Wisconsin he died leaving no property. His three children Ira Daniel, Henry, and Andrew Jackson were made wards of Harvey Campbell who became their guardian. According to the probate Sarah Julia the mother died years before. Sarah the daughter married Milo Campbell.
Ira Daniel was 12 in 1854 when Harvey Campbell was made his guardian. In 1861 when Ira signed into the Civil War his guardian was listed as JOHN AMES!. I am trying to find information on this John Ames. I think it is John Norton Ames of Dane County Wisconsin. How is John Norton Ames related to Ira Daniel Ames? How did John Ames become Ira's guardian. There are no records for this in Dane County change of guardians. I have even tried to find a probate for Harvey Campbell to see if the probate would list a guardian change.
Here is information on John Norton Ames:
Native of Oneida County and a PioneerPassed Away John Norton Ames, a native of Steuben,
Oneida County, died in Oregon. Wis. He was born 7 July 1822 in Onondaga NY but lived in Steuben Oneida County before moving to Wisconsin.  John Ames was married to Mary Ann Ball. He was age 94 years when he died in 1917.

© 2010, copyright  Nancy Fermazin

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finding Family History Where It Happened: MINNESOTA

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Finding Family History Where It Happened: MINNESOTA
By Genealogy Girl
From my diary: Vacation in 2004: On the Road Again
We traveled from California to Illinois, to Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Texas and Oklahoma doing research along the way.

...Today I stood in a Minnesota corn field owned by my great-grandfather, Karl Daniel Fermazin in 1895. Nearly 115 years ago. It is August and the corn is ready for harvest....

The field lies in Rost Township in Jackson County Minnesota.  
   Figure 1: Nancy by great-grandpa Charles Fermazin's land
My Charles was thirty-five when he arrived here in 1885 with Minnie, his wife, and four children. They came from Aurora, Illinois to farm in Minnesota. Charles was an immigrant from Schubin, Posen, Prussia who had experience farming in Prussia with his father. Minnie and Charles raised seven children in Lakeview, Rost Township, Jackson, Minnesota for 15 years 
  Figure 2:  Corn field on Great-Grandpa Karl Fermazin. Lakeview, Rost Township, Jackson, Minnesota

before they sold their land and moved back to Aurora Kane, Illinois. Three of the seven children were born on the farm in Lakefield, Minnesota: Lottie, Willie, and Harry.  

The family worshipped at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lakefield, Minnesota where the children were baptized. The children attended Public School, District No. 74 in Lakefield.

Figure 3:  Document depicting six of the Fermazin children who attended public school in Lakeview, Minnesota.

Below is  a photocopy of the auction sign that displayed the  farm equipment and livestock for sale at auction when they left the farm. The sale took place on the George R. Moore farm. George R. Moore was the banker in Jackson, Minnesota. 

Figure 4:  Auction of Livestock and farm equipment Charles Fermazin Farm, Lakefield, Jackson, Minnesota.

It was April 1907 when they moved by train back to Aurora, Illinois.

 Figure 5:  Charles and Minnie Fermazin House in Aurora, Illinois.  

I didn’t know what it was like to stand on soil that once belonged to him, filled with a jumble of thoughts about family, mortality, and the excruciating physical labor required to support a family of ten a century ago. I needed to walk the land, witness its expansive flatness, and observe the way the Des Moines River snaked through his landscape. Coming here, I feel better prepared to write about Charles Fermazin’s world than I was when I only knew facts.                                                     
I knew all that before coming to Minnesota in 2004. Libraries and Internet searches filled me with facts. I didn’t know what it was like to stand on soil that once belonged to him, filled with a jumble of thoughts about family, mortality, and the excruciating physical labor required to support a family of ten.  Coming here, I feel better prepared to write about Charles Fermazin’s world than I was when I only knew facts.
Of course, while I was there I combed the local libraries and archives, looking for “filler material” I couldn’t access from my home base. And I’ve found stuff—good stuff—that will help enrich my story.

© 2010, copyright  Nancy Fermazin