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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friedrich Fermazin and Justyn Braun

Boy when you think you know a lot about your ancestors a monkey wrench gets thrown in.
I was lurking around the Poznan Marriage Project and found a divorce record for my 2nd Great Grandfather or rather I found his second wife as divorced and marrying an Emmanuel Woltermann in 1874 in Schubin.  See attachment

Now I am totally confused.  I need a Polish researcher who specializes in ethnic Germans in Posen
to find the divorce papers for Justyn Braun/Brauer and Fred Fermazin and also to find any children born to this marriage.

This means I have to find a marriage record for Karolina Hartwich and Fred Fermazin since
she is the wife listed in the USA with him as emigrating from Posen in 1878 with three children

I know all the children from the Louise Bonau marriage but have to confirm the mother of
the other Fermazin Children via the Christening records rather than the Illinois marriage records. The marriage records list the mothers with their maiden names but this may not be correct. Just need the Christenings. I have looked and found Amelia from the third liaison but have not found the others, only the ones from the first marriage to Louise Bonau.

Marriage certificates list the parents on some of them but I would like the Christening records.

Oh More research. I need a Polish researcher again to find more records.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Friedrich Fermazin and Justyn Braun  and Friedrich Fermazin and Louise Bonau

Friedrich Fermazin and Justine Braun married on January 9, 1853 in the Lutheran Church of Labischin / Łabiszyn [Poland]. The scan of the churchbook - page 164 – is hardly legible. You’ll find their marriage record on  

It is noted that Friedrich Fermazin was widow already. Following my best guess Friedrich Fermazin was married before on December 6, 1840 to Louise Bonau in the Lutheran Church of Labischin / Łabiszyn [Poland]. Friedrich's father passed away before that marriage date. Please have a look on the second enclosed scan.

Justine Braun's father could be Jacob Braun (*1795; father: Christian Braun; mother: Euphrosine Schattschneider), who was married 1820 in the Lutheran Church of Labischin / Łabiszyn [Poland] to Dorothea Mews (*1792; father: Jacob Mews; mother: Eva Rosine Otto).

In the meantime the old German churchbooks are online in the Polish archives to everybody. Here you may search for their daughter Amalia too, but it is not so easy for missing direct access to names. So you have to search unfortetuately for year by year and page by page. Please note for searching

Birth / Baptism =           acta urodzen
Marriages         =          acta malzenstw
Death               =          acta zgonow

You may ask me for further assistance of course.

Regards from Germany 

Gerd F. Frers

Justine's father was Jacob Braun, who was married to Dorothea Mews. Jacob Mews and Eva Rosine Mews née Otto are the parents of Dorothea Mews.
Justyn Braun father = Jacob Braun
                                            ┌ father = Christian Braun  
                     ┌Jacob Braun   
                     │                    └ mother of Jacob Braun = Euphrosine Schattschneider           
Justine Braun                        
                     │                            ┌ father = Jacob Mews 
                     └ Dorothea Mews 
                                                    └ mother of Dorothea Mews = Eva Rosine Otto
Posen List Serv

Where my Fermazin ancestors came from in Posen: What the following names represent. ?Villages ?Towns ? Province?

Bagno, Rynarzewo, Labischin and Kreis Schubin are related?

Arnoldowo, Labischin, Posen, Prussia ~ Is this part of Kreis Schubin?

Piardowo, Schubin,

Rynarzewo is a village in today Nakło County (Kreis),,_Kuyavian...

Arnoldowo, Piardowo, Bagno (litteraly Marsh) were probably a small
hamlets in Schubin Kreis.
They dont exist anymore.

Labischin ia a small city a 14 km south east to Schubin

Yes, Łabiszyn was a part of Kreis Schubin
Rynarzewo[rɨnaˈʐɛvɔ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Szubin, within Nakło County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-central Poland.[1] It lies approximately 8 kilometres (5 mi) north-east of Szubin, 18 km (11 mi) south-east of Nakło nad Notecią, and 14 km (9 mi) south-we…