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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mystery Monday

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Looking for Bertha Fermazin Watkins

Looking for any information on Bertha Fermazin.
Born:1864 Schubin, Posen, Prussia
Immigrated: 1878 Ship: Weiland with Mother Caroline Hartwig, Brother, Reinhart,
Parents: Friedrich Formazin and Caroline Hartwig
Residence: 1880 Aurora, Kane, Illinois
Married:29 November 1887 St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Aurora, Kane, Illinois
 In searching I found a James David Watkins WWWI Draft Registration Card of Elgin, Illinois age 33. Draft Registration card dated 18 February 1885 but could find no more on James David Watkins.

In Searching this is the only close Bertha Watkins and JD Watkins I can find.
Texas did not begin to record birth’s and death’s until 1903 and was not enforced for several years. 

1900; Census Place: San Antonio Ward 5, Bexar, Texas; Roll: T623 1611; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 95.
John Watkins 40 born 7/1859 in TX, married 13 yrs, parents GA, carpenter, owned home 315 Chestnut
Bertha W Watkins 40 born 6/1859 TX, parents Germany, mother of 5 children, all living
Ella Watkins 11 10/1888 TX, at school
Ralph Watkins 9 7/1890 TX, at school
Charley Watkins 8 5/1892 TX, at school
Stanley Watkins 6 11/1893 TX
Nelson Watkins 4 12/1896 TX

10 May 1910; Census Place: San Antonio Ward 6, Bexar, Texas; Roll: T624_1531; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 46; Image: 490.
Bertha A Watkins 50 widow, born TX, parents Germany, owned home, mother of 6 children, all are living.
Ella Watkins 21 daughter, born TX, father TX
Charles Watkins 17 son, TX, works at print office
Nelson Watkins 14 son, TX
James Watkins 9 son, TX

Name: Ralph G Watkins Age in 1910: 19 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1891 Birth Place: Texas Relation to Head of House: Apprentice Seaman Father's Birth Place: Texas Mother's Birth Place: Texas Home in 1910: San Francisco Assembly District 45, San Francisco, California [US Naval Training Station] Marital Status: Single 

Stanley Watkins is not found in 1910 record. 

2 Jan 1920;Census Place: San Antonio Ward 7, Bexar, Texas; Roll: T625_1779; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 87; Image: 815.
Bertha W Watkins 60 TX, father Germany, mother TX, owned home 1425 Montana St
Ralph George Watkins 29 single, carpenter
Charles A Watkins 28 single, printer for public
Stanley Watkins 27 single, butcher/own shop
Nelson Watkins 25 single, butcher/own shop
James Milton Watkins 19 mechanic/machine

1930; Census Place: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; Roll: 2297; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 123; Image: 417.0.
Bertha W Watkins 70 TX, parents Germany, address change to 1423 Montana St, no radio
Stanly R Watkins 36 single, fruit/vegetable retail store
Ralph G Watkins 39 divorced, house carpenter

Nelson H Watkins 34, married at 29, cutter/meat market, owned home 1419 Montana St, had radio
Louise B, wife, 31, born TX, parents TX

21 Apr 1930; Census Place: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; Roll: 2296; Page: 40A; Enumeration District: 112; Image: 1013.0.
Charles A Watkins 37 married at 27, rented home 1705 E Houston St, sign printer, had radio
Jenevieve M Watkins 37 born LA, parents LA
Leroy E Blowers 15 stepson, TX, father IA, messenger for telegraph
Joseph H Watkins 9 son
Vey Bertha or Bertha Vey Watkins 6 daughter

1930; Census Place: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; Roll: 2297; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 123; Image: 420.0.
Robert Augustus Mcneal/McNeil 50 born VA, parents VA, owned home 1428 Montana St, carpenter 
Ella Caroline Mcneal 42 born TX, parents TX, married age 20
James W Mcneal 18 
Harvey Mcneal 16 
Stanley Mcneal 15 
Robert Mcneal 14 
Ollie M Mcneal 12 daughter
Doris Mcneal 10 
Lurine Mcneal 8 
Loma J Mcneal 6 
Russel A Mcneal 4 
Nelson A Mcneal 3 Albert Nelson McNeil 10 Jan 1927 Male Bexar mother Ella Watkins
Glene L Mcneal 1 9/12 …his record not listed
Gerald Mcneal McNeil 19 Mar 1930 Male Bexar mother Ella Watkins
Geraldine Mcneal Geraldine McNeil 19 Mar 1930 Female Bexar mother Ella Watkins

James Milton Watkins is not listed in the 1930 census.

Texas Birth Index 1903 - 1997 -

McNeil ? Born 2 Oct 1917 Bexar - father Robert McNeil…Ollie Mae 
Married Andrew William Smith

02 Oct 1917 - 21 Feb 1989 
Last residence 77022 (Houston, Harris, TX)

McNeil ? Born 21 Feb 1920 Bexar - father Robert McNeil…possibly Doris

Joseph Henry Watkins 15 Dec 1920 Bexar 

15 Dec 1920 31 Jan 1988 
Last residence 78221 (San Antonio, Bexar, TX)

Cristel Louise Watkins 4 Jan 1937 Female Bexar 
Nelson Hunston Watkins - Louise Bertha Wille

Valerie Ann Langfeld 30 Jul 1962 Female Bexar 
George A Langfeld - Cristel Louise Watkins

Unable to find anything further on Valerie Langfeld 
Melvin George JR. Quinney 18 Apr 1948 Male Bexar 
Melvin George Quinney - Bertha Vey Watkins

Marvin Gene Quinney 8 Jun 1949 Male Bexar 
Melvin George Quinney - Bertha Vey Watkins

Larry Marshall Quinney 17 Sep 1952 Male Nueces 
Melvin George Quinney - Bertha Vey Watkins
Sarah Ann Quinney 9 Jul 1984 Female Bexar 
Melvin George Quinney JR. - Deborah Carr Gustafson

Matthew Kyle Quinney 3 Oct 1989 Male Bexar 
Melvin George Quinney JR. - Deborah Carr Gustafsan
Kenneth James Quinney 29 Jul 1976 Male Bexar 
Marvin Gene Quinney - Gail Marie Ballard

? Gail Marie Ballard 12 Aug 1954 Female Wichita 
Dempsey Ernest Ballard -Mary Alice Pfeseifer
Michael Sean Quinney 3 Mar 1973 Male Bexar 
Larry Marshall Quinney - Deborah Sue Nealy
Doris Fay Smith 7 Jul 1937 Female Bexar 
Andrew William Smith - Ollie May McNeil

Andrew William JR. Smith 10 May 1940 Male Bexar 
Andrew William Smith - Ollie Mae McNeil

Stanley Aurther Smith 8 Dec 1941 Male Bexar 
Andrew William Smith - Ollie Mae McNeil
? Houston is county seat for Harris county and south of San Antonio
Allen Craige Barlow 18 Mar 1952 Male Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil 

Andrew Clayton Barlow 31 Dec 1960 Male Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil 

Annette Carolyn Barlow 1 Jan 1946 Female Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil 

Erin Elaine Barlow 23 Dec 1948 Female Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil 

Mark Steven Barlow 9 Dec 1955 Male Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil 

Wanda Faye Barlow 22 Apr 1942 Female Harris 
A C Barlow - Loma Jean McNeil
Unable to find death records for any of the sons of Bertha and John nor Ella Watkins McNeil. 

Bertha QUINNEY Birth Date: 25 Dec 1923 Death Date: 7 Mar 2005 Social Security Number: 467-12-7872 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Texas Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 78221 Localities: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas 

Melvin QUINNEY Birth Date: 3 Oct 1914 Death Date: 11 Sep 2003 Social Security Number: 431-24-1892 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Arkansas Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 78221 Localities: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas 

Nelson MCNEIL Birth Date: 10 Jan 1927 Death Date: 11 May 1984 Social Security Number: 464-24-6463 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Texas Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 73101 Localities: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma 

Glenn MCNEIL Birth Date: 17 Jun 1928 Death Date: Jun 1984 Social Security Number: 453-34-3497 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Texas Death Benefit Localities Zip Code: 79772 Localities: Pecos, Reeves, Texas Verhalen, Reeves, Texas 

Benjamin Bland McNeil 31 Jul 1960 Male Reeves 
Glenn Leslie McNeil - Carolyn Jewel Walker 

Carolyn Leslie McNeil 7 May 1962 Female Reeves 
Glenn Leslie McNeil - Carolyn Jewell Walker 

James Russell McNeil 10 Oct 1963 Male Reeves 
Glenn Leslie McNeil - Carolyn Jewell Walker 

Lowery Walter McNeil 6 Feb 1959 Male Reeves 
Glenn Leslie McNeil - Carolyn Jewel Walker

Carolyn Jewel Walker 25 May 1933 Female Wheeler 
Lowery Benjamin Walker - Jewell Beatrice Trimble

Gardner Bain McNeil 10 Feb 1993 Male Harris 
Lowery Walter McNeil - Alice Jane Gardner 

Parks Walker McNeil 2 Aug 1994 Male Harris 
Lowery Walter McNeil - Alice Jane Gardner

Camille Rose McNeil 28 Jun 1986 Female Harris 
Benjamin Bland McNeil- Kimberly Dee Atkins 

James Glenn McNeil 17 Jan 1982 Male Harris 
Benjamin Bland McNeil- Kim Dee Atkins

Jacob Lowery McNeil 8 Sep 1996 Male Harris 
Benjamin Bland McNeil- D'Anna Kathleen Hughes 

Jordan Alexander Knox 27 Oct 1989 Male Midland 
Robert Perry Knox JR. - Carolyn Leslie McNeil 

Samantha Jae Knox 20 Jun 1984 Female Midland 
Robert Perry Knox JR.- Carolyn Leslie McNeil

Danielle Eilene McNeil 2 Jun 1989 Female Harris 
James Russell McNeil - Cheryl Lynn Johnson 

Elizabeth Alma McNeil 29 Aug 1982 Female Potter 
James Russell McNeil - Cheryl Ann Bullard 

Kevin Peter McNeil 26 Mar 1981 Male Potter 
James Russell McNeil - Cheryl Ann Bullard

I could not find Bertha Fermazin in census records and unable to find John Watkins in 1880 record. This may be him in 1870 and Wilson county is close to Bexar county. 

1870; Census Place: Precinct 2, Wilson, Texas; Roll: M593_1609; Page: 459; Image: 266.
Post Office: La Vernia 
Rodrie? Watkins, male, 41, GA
Lavina Watkins, 44, GA
George, 12, TX
John, 10, TX
Benj, 9, TX
Mary, 7, TX
Nathan, 4, TX
Willis, 3, TX
Augustus, 1, TX

Willis Watkins abt 1798 South Carolina …and others.

1860; Census Place: Not Stated, Bexar, Texas; Roll: M653_1288; Page: 466; Image: 456.
Post Office: San Antonio
B B Watkins 31 GA
Lavina Watkins 35 GA
P R Watkins 10 AR male
Georgiana Watkins 3 
John M Watkins 1

18 Aug 2005 6:58PM GMT 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Supper

Oma’s Sunday Dinners
I remember when… Every Sunday growing up as long as I can remember my family, Dad, Mom, sis Mary, and I would pile in Dad’s maroon 1949, eight-cylinder Packard sedan after church and head for Oma[1]   and Opa’s[2]  for fried chicken dinner, garlic mashed potatoes, corn and Jell-O.   Packards were considered an upscale car and would be considered gas guzzlers nowadays, but then gasoline in 1951 was only about 30 cents a gallon and most cars got 14 miles to the gallon.  Ours was not brand new, but it had not a scratch on it and dad washed and waxed it on Saturdays in the summer.    Oma and Opa lived about 10 miles across town.  We drove from 251 Hillside Avenue to 942 Fifth Avenue to Oma and Opa’s who lived across the street from Sunnymere Retirement home in Aurora.
            Dad’s ’49  Packard had running boards along the side under the doors for us shorties, Mom, Sis, and me to climb aboard.  Once situated in the car, we rode in style, sitting back and relaxing in the plush gray seats playing with our baby dolls.
            After driving over paved streets through neighborhoods with homes with front porches, and friends waving to us, we arrived about 20 minutes later.  Pulling into Opa’s driveway we could smell the aroma of fried chicken and grandma’s special Boston baked bean recipe. Her award-winning family recipe was made with lima beans, brown beans, kidney beans, molasses, brown sugar, onions, ketchup, and a full pound of bacon, and sweet corn.  In later years my aunt Lola entered this recipe in the local newspaper recipe contest and won first prize. It was that good!
            Grandpa sauntered in from his wood-working shop dressed in his long-sleeved plaid shirt, dark gray, wool slacks and his plaid, wool jacket when we arrived. He had built the wood working shop as an annex in the back yard for him to putter around in making furniture: cedar chests, rocking chairs and doll furniture for my cousin Karen, Sis and me.  Our dolls had wooden oak beds, high chairs, and wardrobe closets, before amoires were common.
            Grandma always greeted us wearing an apron with large front pockets.  My Aunt Lola, Dad’s sister and only sibling, her husband Uncle Theron and Cousin Karen, who was once a Gerber baby, were part of our weekly Sunday dinners.
            I fondly remember these times because Oma and Opa always gave us kids time to talk about our activities. We could be seen and heard at the dinner table, not like some of our friends who were told children should be seen and not heard.
            Oma always made our special dessert each week…Jell-O. Red strawberry Jell-O with whip cream and real strawberries inside when she had them in her garden or  lime Jell-O with pineapple, walnuts, cottage cheese and whip cream.
After an enjoyable dinner, the adults would clear the dishes and set up the table for Canasta.   The three couples made up three teams.   Grandpa and Grandma would not always win but Grandpa used to give Grandma signals like kicking her under the table (I think that’s devious) when he wanted her to play the correct card to help his hand and Grandma would say, “Pa why are you kicking me?”  And that just confirmed what everyone knew.  Grandpa liked to win all the time and was not happy if he didn’t. After a few Sundays of this, the teams changed and it was the women against the men.
             We kids would scoot off to a corner of the family room and set up our own card game. We had learned Canasta by this time and I was the sharpie. I took after Grandpa.  I always won, beating Karen and Mary at Canasta until they caught on.  After awhile, upon the insistence of Mary and Karen, we kids gave up cards and played with our dolls.
            At the end of  an enjoyable evening, hugs, kisses, and saying our goodbyes to everyone,  we would gather up our things, including left-over chicken (Oma always made extra) and pile  back into the Packard and head for home.
They are all gone now, the 1949  Packard sedan, the Sunday dinners,  the card games, Oma, Opa, Mom, Dad, Aunt Lola, and Uncle Theron.  Only the memories for Sis, Karen and me to cherish.

[1] German for Grandmother
[2] German for Grandfather