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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Was she Orthera C. Palin or Cornelia A. Palon or a Scoville: Leaping over the Block Wall

I have been researching my great great grandmother Cornelia A. Palon.
Objective of Research Problem: Finding the parents of my great-great grandmother Cornelia A. Palen

Maybe I found her. If anyone has any suggestions please offer:
Who is her mother?
Who is her father?
Why is she living with the Scoville's in 1850?

Ruth Palmer said in a newspaper article in 1893 that Mrs. Ira Ames (Cornelia A Palon) was my "eldest sister". (Ruth Palmer nee Scoville per IGI)

1850 living with George and Mary Scoville in Brooklyn Greene Wisconsin
1860 not with the George Scoville family. George is now married to Autheah. Where would a 13 year old girl be?

Cornelia Palon: Born: 9 April 1847 Died: 7 March 1893

Family Bible states:
1. Born 1847, no state listed
2. 1850 US Federal Census lists Name: Orthera C Palin Age: 3 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1847 Birth Place: Michigan
3. Ames Society has birth for Cornelia Palon as Roland,Houghton, Michigan but they gave no reference
4. 1870 US Federal Census as Caroline Ames born in Pennsylvania
5. 1880 US Federal Census as Nelia Ames born in Michigan
6. This is same person as Bible list marriage date for Cornelia Palon and Ira Ames as 25 Jun 1868. Death Certificate states born in Jefferson County Wisconsin.
7. Through deductive reasoning came to conclusion Cornelia A. Palon was half sister to Ruth Scovell (Janesville Gazette article) and through inductive reasoning that Cornelia A. Palon may be Orthera C. Palon (1850 US Federal Census) born in Michigan.

Janesville Gazette: 6 May 1893
Mrs. Ruth Palmer Gets Word After Four Months of Mrs. Ames' Fate:
Details concerning the death of Mrs. Ira Ames near Milton Junction by starvation and exposure last -winter are sought by Mrs. Ruth Palmer, of Lyniien, Whatcom county, Washington. Mrs. Palmer has just hoard of the death through a. paragraph from the Gazette reprinted in Portland, Oregon, papers and says: "I suppose her to be my Elder sister whom I have notheard from in years." It will be remembered that Mrs. Ames and her little daughter died in a ramshackle cabin having been with, out food for several days. The child was buried in a rough box by the father. [Sister of Cornelia Palon Ames. Found her in IGI as Ruth Scoville]

1850 US Federal Census Brooklyn, Greene, Wisconsin
Cornelia A. Palon (1847 - 1893) born in ? Michigan on 09 Apr 1847 and died 7 March 1893 in Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin. She married Ira Daniel Ames on 25 Jun 1868 in Albion Dane Wisconsin.
They had 10 children ~ Charles Henry Ames, Frankie R. Ames, Chauncey Elbert Ames, George Elliott Ames, Hiram Edison Ames, Rosey Belle Ames, Nancy Theo Ames, William Scott Ames, Marvin Franklin Ames, and Baby Girl (Caroline) Ames.
They lived in Dane County, Rock County, and Jefferson County Wisconsin.

I found the Orthera C. Palin in the 1850 US Federal Census Brooklyn, Greene, Wisconsin indexed on as Orthera C Palin. She is living with George Scoville and Mary Scoville and:

George Scovell age 37, born in 1813 in Connecticut, white male, Farmer
Mary Scovell age 32 born 1818 in Kentucky, white female
George Scovell age 11 born in Connecticut
James age 10 born in Connecticut
Amisy age 9 born in Connecticut
Mary L Scovell age 2 months born in Wisconsin
Orthera C. Palin age 3 born in Michigan
Julia Scovelle age 77 born in 1773 in Vermont

Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Brooklyn, Green, Wisconsin; Roll
M432_999; Page: 271; Image: 152.
Source Information: 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Seventh Census of the United States, 1850. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1850. M432, 1,009 rolls.

I found Orthera C. Palin's sister Roth Scovell in the 1860 US Federal Census in Magnolia Dane Wisconsin. NO Cornelia A. Palin NO Orthera C. Palin in the household

George Scoville age 49 born in Connecticut, white male, Farmer Property value
$ 1800; Personal property value $ 500.
Autheah Scoville age 37 born in Vermont
Laura Scoville age 5 born in Wisconsin
Charles Scoville age 1 born in Wisconsin
George Scoville age 20 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
James Scoville age 19 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
Amisy Scoville age 18 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
Roth Scoville age 9 born in Wisconsin
Julia Mc Donald age 17 Servant born in New York

Source Citation:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Magnolia, Rock, Wisconsin; Roll M653_1430; Page: 453; Image: 458.
Source Information: 1860 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Eighth Census of the United States, 1860. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1860. M653, 1,438 rolls.
Specific Problem
*Family Bible states born 25 Jun 1868. No state. Census of 1850 states born in Michigan, Death Certificate states born in Jefferson County Wisconsin;
*Census 1870 states born in Pennsylvania ; Enumerated as Caroline
*Census of 1880 states born in Michigan, Enumerated as Nelia
*Have researched Jefferson County Wisconsin and found no birth records. Born before Civil Records kept. No Palons/Palen/Palin etc living in Jefferson County in 1850. This conflicts with the 1850 census where Orthea C. Palin is living with Scovell family and conflicts with Bible records.
* Looked at marriage records for Green Co WI for 1865 on a hunch. No Ames/Palon Marriages, 1865-1876 FHL US/CAN Film 1266667
* No marriage records filmed by LDS for Albion, Dane, Wisconsin
* No vital records for Albion, Dane, WI filmed by LDS
*No birth records for Jefferson, County, WI prior to 1870 filmed by LDS
* No Palon, Ames, Scovell found in Index to marriages for Jefferson County WI, 1844-1887 FHL US/CAN Film 1275662 Item 4
* No 1850 state census for Greene County Wisconsin
* No church records prior to 1856 for Green County Wisconsin or Albion, Dane, Wisconsin; No Palon births;
* No Green County Wisconsin Deeds filmed
* Examined film 1008267 Marriage index for Houghton County Michigan and no Palon, Ames, or Scovell
* Examined LDS film 126746 for 1850 Houghton County Michigan Census and no Palon, Scoville, Ames

Additional Sources:
Family Bible
Janesville Gazette
Death Certificate: Cornelia Ames

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Plücker (1835-1912)

I decided to find my Great Great Grandfather, Bernhard Ludwig August Plücker in the 1910 census.
A few weeks ago, Randy Seaver of Randy's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Genealogy Blogger threw out a Saturday night genealogy challenge.

Bernhard Ludwig August Plücker (1835-1912) married Augusta Herbold (1835-1910 ) on 27 Jan 1864 in Kohlgrund, Germany and they had eight children- Mary Maria, Barbara Addie, Wilehlmina Elisabeth, Friedrich, August Ludwig, Auguste Fredricke, Auguste Fredricke Louise, Christian, and They lived in Aurora,Kane, Illinois.

I found the family in the 1910 US Federal Census indexed on as August Plucker. He is listed twice in Ancestry, once as age 73 and once as age 71. Both Census entries were dated 16 April 1910 and enumerated by Warren S. Boyle. Here is what I know about him.
*August Plucker - head, male, white, age 73, second marriage, married for 43 years. Born Germany Dutch , father born Germany Dutch, mother born Germany Dutch, naturalized, immigrated in 1867, a cabinet maker railroad, owned paid for house at 289 Columbia Street
Augusta Plucker - wife female, white, age 71 , first marriage, married for 43 years, 8 children, 5 living. Born Germany Dutch, father born Germany Dutch, mother born Germany Dutch.
Henry Plucker - son- white age 31,Single, Born Illinois, Father born Germany Dutch, Mother born Germany Dutch, a machinist in a contract shop. Owned home but mortgaged.
All spoke English in the home.
My source for this family
August Plucker arrived 23 May 1867 at age 30. Port of departure Bremen Germany and Southampton England. Ship name: Atlantic. Arrival port New York.
Sailing on ship were August Plucker, wife Auguste Plucker, and daughter age 2, Maria Plucker. Name on ship record Pluecker. Source Germans to America by Ira Glazier and P. William Filby. Vol 19, January 1867-August 1867. and source NY Passenger lists 1851-1891

Information obtained from:
1. Landeskirchiches Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck on CD.
2. LDS Film # 1183583 See pictures posted on Permission to Emigrate.
Item 7 Die waldeckische Auswanderung zwischen 1829 und 1872 Thomas, Karl

Source citation:
1910 United States Federal Census, Illinois, Aurora Township, Aurora City, Supervisor District #2, Enumeration district # 37 , Sheet 2 B, August Plucker family, Dwelling #28. Enumerated on 16 April 1910 by Warren S. Boyle. 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. For details on the contents of the film numbers, visit the following NARA web page: NARA Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1910. T624, 1,178 rolls.

About 1910 United States Federal Census

This database is an index to the head of households enumerated in the 1910 United States Federal Census, the Thirteenth Census of the United States. In addition, each indexed name is linked to actual images of the 1910 Federal Census. The information recorded in the census includes: name, relationship to head of family, age at last birthday, sex, color or race, whether single, married, widowed, or divorced, birthplace, birthplace of father and mother, and more.

1910 United States Federal Census, California, San Francisco County Population Schedule, 37th Assembly District, Enumeration District 166, Sheet 10A, John W. Runnels family, Dwelling #129, Family #243, originally on National Archives Microfilm Series T624, Roll 98 (online database accessed at on 22 August 2009).

August Plücker

August Plücker

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swabish (sp) or platt Deutsch (low German).

Jan DeGrandchamp to me

show details 3:45 PM (10 hours ago) Reply


you sure have done a lot...

Yes, it looks like we have the same great great grandfather -- Frederik Fermazin, who was Stephan Karl Fermazin's father -- if I understand correctly.

I have to see it in a lineage table and will try to set it up so I understand it better. This is a lot to digest, but it sure is interesting. I had also head that the name was Fermagen or Vermagen, but that was just an oral bit of information and probably mispronounced. I was also told they spoke Swabish (sp) or platt Deutsch (low German). The borders changed a lot and people had to change their names so they wouldn't get shot.

Thanks for all the info--I know you did a lot of work to find all of this.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Friedrich Formazin

Things I have collected
First Marriage
Stephan Fermazin was my great great Grandfather Frederick Fermazin's son from first marriage to Louise Bonaau.
August Fermazin married Ernestine Kurz
Stephan Karl Fermazin
Caroline Fermazin
Henriette died from cholera 27 Sep 1852

Second Marriage was to Justine Braun
Children of second marriage were Charles Karl Fermazin my great grandfather
and Julia Augusta Fermazin

Third marriage to Caroline Hartwig who is the one who came to America
Children of third marriage were
Amelia Fermazin
Reinhart Fermazin
Bertha Fermazin

Friedrich Vormazin Formazin married Louise Bonau in on Dec.6,1840 in Labischin. He was single, age 21, and resided in Ruhden*, while Louise is also listed as single 24 years and 5 months. Of this marriage they had four children, August, Henriette, Stephan, and Caroline. Louise Bonau died from cholera in 1852 with one of their daughters, leaving behind three young children.
Friedrich Formazin remarried, also in Labischin:
On Jan.9,1853 Friedrich Formazin widower of Rynarzewo age 31, "Einwohner" got married to Justine Brauer, daughter of mailman of Arnoldowo age 25 years, 6 months,

We have quite a bit of information on August Vormazin Formazin. As for the name of Vormazin and Formazin, we seem to find Vormazin in the Labischin records but after the birth of August, Henriette, Stephan, and Caroline Vormazin, the last name changes from Vormazin to Formazin. Vormazin was probably the phonetic pronunciation of Formazin. My grandfather Robert August Fermazin was named after his uncle August Formazin.
August was born almost 9 months to the day, on 07 September 1841 in Florentowo, a parish of Schubin and lived most of his adult life in Labishin. He was baptized 12 September 1841. Witnesses to this baptism were Carl Meyer, August Reddmann, Renate Pinau (? Ristau) spelling), ((Ristau is related to Fermazin but have not made the connection yet) and Eva Meyer. Being the first born, to Friedrich Fermazin, Even though Formazin moved around much of August’s childhood, August did grow up to become a master tailor and settled in the town of Kwieciszewo.
Henriette was born on 9 October 1845 when they were living in Florentowo. She was baptized on 29 October 1849 and her godparents were Michael Fenske, Justine Reddmann, Christine Wegner, Anna Schmidt, and Justine Lurke. These must have been relatives, friends and/or neighbors to the Vormazin’s as some were the same sponsors for August’s christening. Henriette died at an early age, age 5 of cholera. However, from the birth records and baptism it appears Henriette may have not been the healthiest of children since she was not baptized until age 4.

We have quite a bit of information on August Vormazin Formazin. As for Vormazin and Formazin, we seem to find Vormazin in the Labischin records but after the birth of August, Henriette, Stephan, and Caroline Vormazin, the last name changes from Vormazin to Formazin. Vormazin was probably the phonetic pronunciation of Formazin. My grandfather Robert August Fermazin was named after his uncle August Formazin.

August Formazin son of Friedrich Formazin
August Formazin grew up and married Ernestine Kurz in 1865 at age 25. By this time August was working as a master tailor in the village of Jadownik. Later they moved on to Kwieciszewo. At the civil registration office of Gebice Land ( German Gembitz Land) the birth records October 1874-1895 and marriages and deaths 1895-1902 show that August Formazin and his spouse, Ernestine nee Kurz, must have bought a property there as records list him as landowner and master tailor. They settled there about 1877, since their older children were born there. August and Ernestine were happily married for 35 years. After Ernestine’s death August remarried Otilie Schmidt in 1900 and lived until 29 March 1921. We have only the death records of Ernestine and the marriage records of August Formazin and Otilie Schmidt but do not know if they had any children. August Vormazin died on 29 March 1921 at the age of 79years. in Kreis Mogilno in the village of Kwieciszewo

Children of August Formazin
Gustav Theophil, the first born was born 19 May 1866 in the village of Jadownik and died as an infant a few days later on 26 May 1866.
Anna Augusta Formazin’s birth in Kwieciszewo on 11 July 1867. Anna was named after her aunt Augusta (daughter of Friedrich Formazin and his second wife Justine Brauer) and her father August. Anna grew up and married Wilhelm Heinrich Koerner 21 June 1905 in Gembitz. Wilhelm Koerner was born 19 July 1880 in Hamelin, Hamelin County Germany. Witnesses for Anna and Wilhelm’s marriage were August Formazin age 62, her father, who was now living in Blutenau and Franz Hartel age 40 of Gembitz.
According to the civil registration Amalia Emma Formazin was born 8 July 1876 in Dombrowo Forsthaus district of Wongrowitz, and resided in Kwieciszewo. Amalia was named after her aunt Amelia Emily Formazin (daughter of Friedrich Formazin and his third wife, Caroline Hartwich) whom we will discuss later. Witnesses to the birth of Amalia Emma were Carl Busse age 45 of Kwieciszewo and master carpenter Arnold Gregor age 45 of Kwieciszewo. Amalia grew up in Kwieciszewo, and married Maxmillan Sobieszewski Strecker on 8 June 1898 in Kwieciszewo according to the records. Max was born on 9 August 1867 in the village of Strelno. Max’s birth name was Sobieszewski but later according to court records dated 30 January 1907 in the court (Postanowienie) House in Mogilno, Max and Amalia changed their last name to Strecker. For what reason we do not know. Max was the son of the deceased Fritz Sobieszewski of and Minna Nee Heyden of Strelno.
Helene Ernestine (named after her mother) was born 31 March 1879 and registered on 5 April 1879.
Wilhelmine Motilie was born 4 September 1880 and registered on 11 September 1880.
Friedrich Wilhelm was born 3 February 1882 named of course after grandpa Friedrich Formazin and his birth was registered on 7 February 1882.
Wilhelmine and Berte (I am pretty certain that Berte was the daughter of August Fermazin, just that we haven’t found her birth records yet) later traveled to America on the ship, Albano arriving in New York on 13 April 1896 to visit their grandfather, Friedrich and Uncle Stephan living in Chicago. According to the ship manifest and the records from the Ellis Island data base they had "two suitcases and were on there way to Chicago". I imagine this was exciting for two young women ages 21 and 16: the ship life, the other passengers, the excitement, the anticipation etc arriving at Ellis Island, New York city… Wonder if anyone was there to meet them?
After the death of Louise and Henriette, Friedrich later married Justine Brauer from Arnoldowo, Labischin, Posen, Prussia on 09 January 1853 in the Labischin Parish ("Einwohner" married Justine Braun, daughter of mailman of Arnoldowo age 25 years, 6 months Entry # 7/1853). After this entry we find no more Formazin’s living in Labischin so they must have moved out. Of this marriage we know of two children, Augusta and Karl (Charles). Julia Augusta was born 08 July 1857 and Karl was born November 1859
From: Correspondence email: Thomas Vogel July 28, 2003 to Nancy Fermazin
Now, let's start with the last place you were searching for.
Today it is called KWIECISZEWO. As you can see at it lies in the middle between Mogilno and Strzelno (Strelno in German). It probably was in the Kreis Mogilno and about 30-40 km South of Schubin, Bagno and Kanalskrug.

The age you give for Friedrich (* ca. 1824) is reasonable to think that the Stephan I found (*1847) is really his son. Possibly Friedrich married several times. It was not unusual for that time.
The thing that puzzles me a little bit is that Caroline came to America earlier than her husband. Normally the men traveled first and tried to earn money to pay for the passage of their family. I think he came in 1872, went back and then came again.
It is, however, quite clear that he stayed some time in the area around Bremen before leaving (Oldenburg was a town and the Grand-duchy West of Bremen

Don't be surprised about age differences you find in US census recordings. I also had one uncle who emigrated in about 1900 and I read in his will that he considered himself to be 4 years younger than he actually was.
I guess, no one really cared about numbers. Only in cases where a certain age was required (military, marriage?) people certainly adjusted a little bit. Probably you may also be right with your assumption that the registrer might have estimated (parents probably know the age difference of their children - so this is mostly correct).
There is one correction I have to make:
Friedrich Vormazin (in 1847) was not "Schoenfaerber" - he was a "Einwohner" (inhabitant). That means that he was probably a farm labourer without land possession. These people are often found to have moved a lot. In contrast to farmers who where always bound to their land.
Reference: Correspondence email Thomas Vogel July 28, 2003 Posen List serv
LDS film #Kirchenbuchduplikat 1782-1862 Labischin (Kreis Schubin)

There were no more Formazins in Labischin parish up to 1862 when parish records end. Later, in the civil registry of Rynarzewo, I found no birth, marriage nor death records up to 1881. Thus, they moved out. We are still looking for the eight years from 1853 to 1862 for Friedrich Formazin. During this time he is married to Justine Braun and has two more children that we know of, Augusta and Karl. We assume that Justine had died around 1861 and the widower Friedrich remarried Carolina Hartwig (wich). Julia Augusta emigrated to the USA and sent for Karl who came later around 1872,
By the time Friedrich emigrates to the USA his name has changed from Vormazin, Formazin, and is now Fermazin and is married to Carolina Hartwig. Friedrich immigrated from Oldenburg in 1879, arriving in New York, December 12, 1879 with his daughter Emilie (Amelia) on the ship Ohio.
© Nancy Fermazin 2009 excerpts from Fermazin Family History

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roots - 8 Great-Great Grands

Roots 8 Great-Grands!

A few weeks ago, Randy Seaver of Randy's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun threw out a Saturday night genealogy challenge:

Do you have a pedigree chart that shows you as #1 and goes back five generations? If not, you should make one! Fire up your software program and create a report and save it (you'll see why in a minute!).

Here is your SNGF assignment for the evening (if you choose to accept it - this is not stump the genealogist or even Mission Impossible):

1.List your 16 great-great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.
2.Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.
3.Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).
4.If you don't know all 16 of your great-great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.
5.Write your own blog post, or make a comment on Facebook or in this post.
Here's mine:
Well I don't have all the information on two of mine so I am posting my 8 great grandparents. This was a neat idea! Maybe someone will find me out there. I am going to post as much information on my 16 Great-Great-Grands as I have ....


These are my great grandparents… on a Wednesday morning:

1. Charles Daniel Fermazin was born on Nov 14, 1859 in Rynarzewo, Posen, Prussia and died on June 13, 1913 in Aurora, Illinois. On August 16, 1885 he married:

2. Wilhelmine Pluecker was born on June 6, 1868 in Aurora, Illinois and died Apr 17, 1952 in Aurora, Illinois.

3. Mathias Linden was born on March 27, 1854 in Waldbillig, Luxembourg and died on June 3, 1909 in Aurora, Illinois. On January 4, 1882 he married:

4. Catherina Pott (Pootz) was born on March 2, 1853 in Lipperscheid, Luxembourg and died on Feb 8 1917 in Aurora, Illinois.

5. Richard Seth Worthing was born on April 15, 1819 in Llananno, Radnorshire,Wales and died on December 18, 1907 in Truro, Madison, Iowa. On Oct 1, 1842 he married:

6. Sarah Ingram who was born on Nov 29, 1821 in Llwynbeddw Mill, Llannano Radnorshire Wales.

7. Ira Daniel Ames was born on July 4, 1842 in Liberty Township, Mc Kean, Pennsylvania and died on Sept 21, 1895 in Albion, Dane, Wisconsin. On June 25, 1868 he married:

8. Cornelia A. Palon was born on April 9, 1847 in Albion, Dane, Wisconsin and died on March 7, 1893 in Lake Koshkonong, Jefferson, Wisconsin.

50% Germanic Ancestry; 25% Welsh Ancestry; 25% possible Irish Ancestry;

Assignment from Randy Seaver, Genealogy Blogger.

Genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news items and commentary, genealogy humor, San Diego genealogy society news, family history research and some family history stories from the keyboard of Randy Seaver (of Chula Vista CA), who thinks that Genealogy Research Is really FUN! Copyright (c) Randall J. Seaver, 2006-2009.
Saturday, August 8, 2009
Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your 16 Great-Great-Grands
It's almost Saturday Night - time for some Genealogy Fun!

Do you have a pedigree chart that shows you as #1 and goes back five generations? If not, you should make one! Fire up your software program and create a report and save it (you'll see why in am inute!).

Genealogy today was 13.0 hours - 2 hours reading email and blogs, 4.5 hours writing blog posts, 3.0 hour researching on WVR since it's free for three days, Went to the Huntington Beach Library (Genealogy and computer sections) today for 3.5 hours to review films and check some books for information on NY state. Looking for Adolphus Ames in New York state is consuming a lot of time. I'm tired.
Cooked dinner for Bill and I. We had homemade chicken soup, green salad, and dessert was yogurt and fruit. Then watched my favorite TV show on DVR: CSI Miami.
It's been a long day and evening.

Roots - 16 Great-Great Grands

These are my GREAT-Great grandparents…

1. Friedrich Fermazin was born in 1819 in Rynarzewo, Posen, Prussia and died about 1899 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois. I have not been able to find a record of his death. On Jan 9, 1853 he married:
2. Justine Bauer who was born in 1828 in Arnodowo, Labischin, Posen, Prussia and died in 1859 during childbirth. (I have not found the record of her death).
3. Bernhard Ludwig August Pluecker was born Aug 6, 1835 in Kohlgrund, Germany. He died Aug 3, 1912 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois. On Jan 27, 1864 he married:
4. Auguste Friederike Christian Herbold was born on May 10, 1835 in Herbsen, Germany and died on Jun 16, 1910 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois.
5. Theodore Dietrich Linden was born on Sept 8, 1808 in Waldbillig, Luxembourg. He died in 1880 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.(I have not found the record of his death). On Sept 9, 1841 he married:
6. Maria Margaretha Wagoner was born Jan 24, 1816 in Berforf, Luxembourg. She died in 1869 in Waldbillig, Luxembourg.
7. Jean Pott (Pootz) was born Jan 16, 1819 in Gilsdorf, Luxembourg. He died Sept 28, 1858 in Flebour, Michelau, Luxembourg. On Oct 16, 1850 in Bourscheid, Luxembourg, he married:
8. Susanne Bevier was born about 1820 in Micheleu, Luxembourg. She died in 1857 in Micheleu, Luxembourg.
9. Richard Hamer was born in 1790 in Nantanel, Radnorshire, Wales. He is the father of my great grandfather Richard Worthing. He never married Mary Worthin. He bore a child with:
10. Mary Worthin who was born in 1791 in Nantenel, Radnorshire, Wales and died in Wales. (I have not found a record of her birth or death.
11. John Ingram was born circa 1790 in Llwynbeddw Mil, Llannano Radnorshire Wales. He died in 1880 in Birds Run,Guernsey, Ohio. (I have not found the death record). On Dec 17, 1813 he married:
12. Sarah Lewis was born about 1798 in Llwynbeddw Mill, Llananno, Radnorshire Wales. She died circa 1880 in Birds Run, Guernsey, Ohio. (I have not found her birth or death record).
13. Adolphus Ames was born in New York in 1809. He died April 18, 1854 in Albion, Dane, Wisconsin. In 1837 he married:
14. Sarah Julia {Unknown last name} was born in New York in 1812. She died in 1850 in Michigan migrating to Wisconsin.
15. Unknown Palon. Married:
16. Unknown but possibly Althea Palmer.

50% Germanic Ancestry; 25% Welsh Ancestry; 25% possible Irish Ancestry;Taken from Randy Seaver on his blog gave us all an assignment last week to post our 16 great-great grandparents.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Grandmother, Nancy Theo Ames

Grandma Nancy,
How I wish I had known her. She passed before I was born. Mom was only 12 years old. Nancy Theo Ames was born in Milton,Wisconsin. She was orphaned at age 10 years old and spent a few years in the Sparta Orphanage as after her mother died her father was unable to care for her or her siblings. I have written about Ira before but in retrospect, I think I may have been too harsh on him.
Nancy died of a brain tumor. Her life was hard and difficult. Her mom Cornelia Palon Ames died of malnutrition and possibly pneumonia one month after bearing the tenth child in 1893. The Janesville Gazette said she froze to death. The family was poor, dirt poor. They lived in a one room shack and Ira eaked out a living fishing. Times were tough. During this time, things were tough in many places. The USA was in a great depression. Prior to fishing, Ira was farming. He moved around from farming in Dane County to Rock County and finally fishing in Jefferson County Wisconsin.
After Nancy was discharged from the orphanage she worked as a domestic servant in Pensaukee, Oconto, Wisconsin working for Lucy Bent. In 1904, she married Ludwig (Lou) Hansen, also an orphan. He was a handsome man. Had a good job and a nice car and may have been a man of means.
The Marriage:
Reading about the marriage and examining pictures, it looked as though Lou had money. Lou described Nancy as a "prepossessing brunette". They lived in a Victorian Queen Ann house in Aurora, Illinois. How do we know Lou was a man of means. Many years later after he died, we found his silk suit, top hat, calling cards, and diamond stick pins amongst his belongings.
Lou and Nancy married in Aurora, Illinois. Pictures of Nancy sitting in a rocker in the house. She looked so sad. Rumors were that Lou beat her and ran around with other women in Chicago (Ladies of the night). (ref: Divorce papers).
Nancy and Lou had one child Blanche born in 16 March 1904.In 1913 Nancy and Lou divorced. About a year later, Lou found some love letters written to Nancy from a Mr. Glass. Lou sued Mr. Glass for alienation of affections and $ 10,000. This was splattered across the midwest papers and made the headlines in the Beacon News of Aurora, Illinois. Included in the newspaper articles were copies of the letters Lou found in a trunk. I can only imagine how embarrassing and humiliating this was for Nancy. Whether this was a two sided affair or one sided we will not know. I surmise that Mr.Glass was infatuated with my grandmother and that my grandmother was in an unhappy marriage and was flattered by the attention. From the letters I have read it appears to be one sided on Mr. Glass' side. (I will post some of the letters at the end of the blog).
Grandma Nancy re married Charles Worthing on 28 September 1915 in Chicago, Illinois. They moved with Blanche to Truro, Iowa. In Iowa in 1917 my mom, Grace was born. I would like to think that Grandma Nancy found some stability and happiness in those 14 years in Iowa away from the negative, humiliating, publicity raising her two daughters. She looks happier in her picture with her daughters. Grandma died in 1928 of a brain tumor.
My mom remembers her as loving and nurturing.Curling up in her lap for stories.

The Hunt is On...Search for Adolphus Ames

Pictures of beautiful Liberty Township, Pennsylvania in the Port Allegany area.
The woods are beautiful. The river meanders through here west of the highway curling around in the back lands. The farmlands are green with Pennsylvania mountains in the background to the east. What a lovely spot along the road. I could only think of this as a nice place to raise a family in 2009. However when my Great great grandparents lived here it was very remote and you had to be self sufficient.
Adolphus Ames is my great great grandfather. I have spent many months hunting for his information.
Adolphus was born in New York state in 1809. Birth or Baptismal records have not appeared yet for him. I have a few leads but nothing is panning out. Adolphus married a Sarah Julia (last name unknown) in 1837. Their first daughter, Sarah, was born in New York state in 1838. Sarah grew up to marry Milo Campbell of Dane County Wisconsin but I'm fast forwarding...By 1840 the family was living in Liberty Township, Mc Kean (pronounced Mc Kane) County Pennsylvania where three sons are born, Ira Daniel (my great grandfather), Henry, and Andrew Jackson Ames.
There are other Ames living in Mc Kean County. One is Samuel Ames of Bradford Township, Cyrus Ames age 75 of Liberty Township, and Jospeh Ames living of Liberty Township. Joseph married Hannah and stayed in the area. Adolphus moved out of the area to Dane County Wisconsin in 1850. I think Sarah his wife died on the migration to Wisconsin because Adolphus died in 1854. In his probate, it said his wife had been dead for several years.
It is possible that Joseph Ames and Adolphus Ames are brothers. They each signed as witnesses to each others property. The properties adjoin.
There is a Roxania Ames living in Liberty Township who is married to a Joel Rice, a Methodist circuit rider. Joel Rice buys property from Adolphus in 1850 when Adolphus, Sarah Julia and their children leave Mc Kean for Dane County Wisconsin.
As for Cyrus I am trying to prove he is the father of Adolphus. I have searched land records, deeds, and town histories looking for the elusive clues. Cyrus Ames lived in Tioga County Pennsylvania in 1835. Prior to that he lived in Painted Post, Steuben, New York. I have looked in New York state also for a connection and found nothing in the land records. Cyrus moved out of Mc Kean County to Crawford County PA about 1850. Mayber they all were traveling together to Wisconsin. However, Cyrus' wife and daughter stay in Crawford County where I found some records of his wife and daughter with NO clues. I have not found Cyrus' land deeds for Tioga, Mc Kean, or Crawford counties Pennsylvania nor found any probate records for him. However, I have looked at about 30 books and about 50 films and found nothing.
After I came home from Salt Lake City this spring, a woman contacted me on the internet saying that Roxania, Adolphus, and Joseph were siblings and that their father was Samuel Ames and that they were Native American/German ancestry from Schoharie New York. This lead me to look at Schoharie NY records and I have found nothing which links these people together. She sent pictures of her Roxania and Roxania's descendents. In examining the pictures, I find that one of her aunts has the same pale complexion and facial pictures as my mother. The two of them share the same bone structure, lips, nose and hair line there may be a connection. They look like sisters. Perhaps, Samuel is the father and Cyrus is an uncle.
I have been making a pest of myself contacting town historians and searching and reading town histories of New York and Mc Kean County Pennsylvania. The stories are interesting and enlightening, shedding so much history of the times. One would think that such a small remote area of north western Pennsylvania would yield more family history information. I know it's there and just have to find it.
Last summer in 2008, my husband and I traveled to Liberty Township or the Port Allegany area of Pennsylvania. Liberty Township is still very remote countryside and beautiful. We found Adolphus and Joseph's properties between the river and the highway. We saw lots of deer and porcupine in the area and thick trees.
We even found a beautiful old Methodist church which was re built in 1905. I tried to contact the church for records but to no avail.
This is an old Methodist church in Wrights Pennsylvania close to Liberty Township. Nowadays, the church is used for storage. On the front you can see the windows are cracked and broken but along the side windows some old stain glass windows remain. We peaked inside but could not see the altar or pews, just the storage area. Oh how I wish the stucco could talk.
Well I will never give up in my search for Adolphus and Sarah. I plan to be on the trail for this elusive ancestor until he wishes to be found. With one of a kind names like Adolphus and Cyrus, one would think they would be out there somewhere. Actually I have found two other Adolphus Ames' and a few Cyrus Ames' in my meanderings..............{I'm going to come back to this in a few days with more to follow}