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Monday, July 7, 2014

Emilie FERMAZIN aka Emilie Firmazin

Source: Hamburg Passenger Lists on

Genealogy and Bloggers

       James Tanner writes about Genealogy and bloggers.  Go to his site for some input.
Tanner says he writes for the world.  But other bloggers write as genealogy bait to snare long lost cousins into their posts. Some write for families. Some write to help others write their blog and offer tips and prompts.

     Why do I blog?  To snare cousins.  I have gotten messages on my blog only twice from relatives I did not know. One was an Ames who gave me suggestions and tips.  the other was a genealogist from Australia who added information to my Fermazin Family in Posen.  It is a wonderful feeling when someone finds your blog and contacts you. I love it.

      Lisa Alzo writes a lot for Family Tree Maker and Internet Genealogy magazines. Her tips are tops!
She also has a web page where she gives us prompts every March to write about our female ancestors at

Tell us why you blog your family history.