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Monday, January 4, 2010

Genealogy/Family History Goals: 2010

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Genealogy/Family History Goals for 2010

1.    1.   I would like to blog more: Goal is one blog per week on one topic of Genealogybloggers.

2.    2.   Participate in one article for the  Carnival of Genealogy.

3.    3.   Participate in one article for Smile for the Camera.

4.     4.  Spend 1 hour a week on researching my Ames and Palen families.  I have a block wall for my Ames and Palen lines. Oh how I wish I was related to Sarah Palin’s husband… as I might find my Palin’s.

5.   5.    Attend the Lifestyle Writing Class at Santiago College taught by Dawn Thurston and complete two stories.

6.    6.  Be an excellent Program Director for GSNOCC.

7.     7.  Clean up the clutter or the “genealogy cave” as blogger Randy Seaver of Gena-Musings put it.

8.     8.  Participate actively in the SLIG in Salt Lake City. That means write a story using the guidelines taught in my track. 

© 2009, copyright Nancy Peralta

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