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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friends are Forever

Today I attended a funeral. It was a time to mourn and show love and support to dear friends. It was pretty hard to go to. Gene was our home teacher. We will miss him so much. It was so hard to go to the funeral. But after going today, I realize that going to a funeral is IMPORTANT! No matter how hard, how difficult it is, I really needed to be there. And like the eulogist said, funerals are the most difficult things to go to but have great in blessings. Just hugging Lorraine, just showing them my heart was pretty big for me.

The last funeral I attended was my dad's funeral in 2005 and my aunt Lola's funeral in 2001, my beloved mother's funeral in 2001. They were so final. I think of them. They were the most special people in my life. I have the memories...

I sat there today at this funeral crying and could not stop. Reflecting..... Thoughts of my dear friends who have lost their children, spouses, relatives, parents and to those that almost lost their children. And thoughts about cancer...just how many friends of mine have had it, struggled through it, overcame it and those who lost battles to it. Funerals make you think about your present time and how much time you have left here on earth. How much time you have with your children, your loved ones...we just don't know when our time is up. Such RAW feelings to process.

So today is a hard day. Hard day to now work, take care of the family when I am such an emotional sap. But it made me realize the importance of time. The importance of spending time with family and friends. Taking pictures, videos, enjoying every second with everyone in your life. And appreciating it all..IMMENSELY. And in turn, today is a GOOD day! Because it is ONE more day I have with my family, friends, loved ones. And now I am off to enjoy them.

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