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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swabish (sp) or platt Deutsch (low German).

Jan DeGrandchamp to me

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you sure have done a lot...

Yes, it looks like we have the same great great grandfather -- Frederik Fermazin, who was Stephan Karl Fermazin's father -- if I understand correctly.

I have to see it in a lineage table and will try to set it up so I understand it better. This is a lot to digest, but it sure is interesting. I had also head that the name was Fermagen or Vermagen, but that was just an oral bit of information and probably mispronounced. I was also told they spoke Swabish (sp) or platt Deutsch (low German). The borders changed a lot and people had to change their names so they wouldn't get shot.

Thanks for all the info--I know you did a lot of work to find all of this.


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