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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roots - 16 Great-Great Grands

These are my GREAT-Great grandparents…

1. Friedrich Fermazin was born in 1819 in Rynarzewo, Posen, Prussia and died about 1899 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois. I have not been able to find a record of his death. On Jan 9, 1853 he married:
2. Justine Bauer who was born in 1828 in Arnodowo, Labischin, Posen, Prussia and died in 1859 during childbirth. (I have not found the record of her death).
3. Bernhard Ludwig August Pluecker was born Aug 6, 1835 in Kohlgrund, Germany. He died Aug 3, 1912 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois. On Jan 27, 1864 he married:
4. Auguste Friederike Christian Herbold was born on May 10, 1835 in Herbsen, Germany and died on Jun 16, 1910 in Aurora,Kane, Illinois.
5. Theodore Dietrich Linden was born on Sept 8, 1808 in Waldbillig, Luxembourg. He died in 1880 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.(I have not found the record of his death). On Sept 9, 1841 he married:
6. Maria Margaretha Wagoner was born Jan 24, 1816 in Berforf, Luxembourg. She died in 1869 in Waldbillig, Luxembourg.
7. Jean Pott (Pootz) was born Jan 16, 1819 in Gilsdorf, Luxembourg. He died Sept 28, 1858 in Flebour, Michelau, Luxembourg. On Oct 16, 1850 in Bourscheid, Luxembourg, he married:
8. Susanne Bevier was born about 1820 in Micheleu, Luxembourg. She died in 1857 in Micheleu, Luxembourg.
9. Richard Hamer was born in 1790 in Nantanel, Radnorshire, Wales. He is the father of my great grandfather Richard Worthing. He never married Mary Worthin. He bore a child with:
10. Mary Worthin who was born in 1791 in Nantenel, Radnorshire, Wales and died in Wales. (I have not found a record of her birth or death.
11. John Ingram was born circa 1790 in Llwynbeddw Mil, Llannano Radnorshire Wales. He died in 1880 in Birds Run,Guernsey, Ohio. (I have not found the death record). On Dec 17, 1813 he married:
12. Sarah Lewis was born about 1798 in Llwynbeddw Mill, Llananno, Radnorshire Wales. She died circa 1880 in Birds Run, Guernsey, Ohio. (I have not found her birth or death record).
13. Adolphus Ames was born in New York in 1809. He died April 18, 1854 in Albion, Dane, Wisconsin. In 1837 he married:
14. Sarah Julia {Unknown last name} was born in New York in 1812. She died in 1850 in Michigan migrating to Wisconsin.
15. Unknown Palon. Married:
16. Unknown but possibly Althea Palmer.

50% Germanic Ancestry; 25% Welsh Ancestry; 25% possible Irish Ancestry;Taken from Randy Seaver on his blog gave us all an assignment last week to post our 16 great-great grandparents.

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