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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fermazin, Minnie, b. 1868, d. 1952, Mother

Great Grandma Minnie
Minnie Plücker was christened Wilhelmine Elisabeth Plücker. She married Charles Daniel Fermazin. Her husband died in 1913 leaving her with one minor child Harry Harold Fermazin age 15. The other six children were young adults. To support herself she turned their house into a boarding house and took in roomers. I don't know much about Great Grandma Minnie. We were not close because she was Lutheran and we were raised Catholic. Her son, my grandfather, married a Catholic and we were brought up Catholic. When I was born, Minnie sent her son in law, Leonard Russell to the hospital to ask: "Are you going to raise her Lutheran or Catholic."My dad answered, "Catholic", as Uncle Leonard stomped out of the room. Dad remembered his Grandma Minnie as his "mean grandma". Dad always said Grandma Minnie didn't like him because he was Catholic. How sad. After I examined Minnie's life, I think she was misjudged. However, my dad saw her from a small boy's perspective. I think Minnie had a hard life raising seven children on a farm in the cold winters of Minnesota. Her husband, Charles moved the family to Minnesota in 1895 to farm. Minnie had to live a few hundred miles from her parents and siblings and friends she grew up with. The family moved from Aurora, Illinois to Lakefield, Minnesota from 1895-1910 to farm. Minnie's mother died in 1910 and her father died in 1912 while she was living in Minnesota.

b.06 Jun 1868, Aurora, Kane, Illinois. Christened in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Auroa, Illinois. d. 17 Apr 1952. [Buried in Riverside Cemetary, Montgomery, Illinois]

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