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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brick Walls: Research at the Aurora, Illinois Historical Society

After all of this still have to keep looking and looking and looking. Research is an on going life long pursuit.

Subject: Re: research

June 24, 2014

Hello Nancy:

Here is the information you asked for.  The total cost will be $13.71.  I
have also commented on each of the points you made in your original
request so you know exactly what we do/do not have.  As I said before we
do not have files or films of the Aurora newspapers - just scattered
clippings and a few (very few) whole papers.  You need to contact the
Aurora Public library for this or, if you live in Illinois, your local
reference librarian can order the films from the Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Library (Illinois State Historical Society) to be used at
your library.  It may be possible to get these if you live out of state,
but check with your librarian to be sure.

1)   We do not have marriage notices for Wilhelmina Plucker/Charles
Fermazin or for Augusta Fermazin/August Giese.  The Illinois State
Archives (hereafter ISA) marriage database gives the marriage date for
Wilhelmina and Charles as July 16, 1885, not August 16 as you stated.

2)   Charles Fermazin does not appear in ant pre-1885 city directory.  The
only Fermazin entry in that time period is: "Mrs. Caroline Fermazin, res.
34 Second Ave."

3)   We have no notice for the wedding shower of Nancy Fermazin/Terry Kruse.

4)   We do not have an obituary for Friederich Fermazin.  I could also not
find a burial in the cemetery records we have nor could I find his death
date in the ISA death index.  I also could not locate a probate record for

5)   No information found on Caroline fermazin regarding date or place of
death or burial.

6)   I did locate an obituary for August Plucker.  It is undated but the
ISA death index shows August Ludwig Plucker died 3 August 1912 in Aurora. 
We do not have an obit for Augusta.  She died June 16, 1910 per the ISA
death index.  I did make a copy of the Riverside cemetery book pages
showing the Pluckers.

7)   We have no articles on Mary Fermazin's garden.

8)   We do not have an obituary on Ludwig Hansen.  The book we have of
Lincoln Highway cemetery shown a Ludwig Hansen died 7 March 1957.  He was
born 21 August 1878 and buried on 9 March 1957 Sect. MAB, lot 46, grave 4.
We also have a probate file on this person.

I will mail your copies, including a copy of this letter today.  If there
is anything further I can do, just ask.

researcher, AHS

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