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Saturday, May 8, 2010

St. Therese Catholic Grade School 1956

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St. Therese Catholic Grade School 1956
Aurora, Illinois
June 1956

Back Row: L --> R: Albert Des Jardine, John Gurbal, Tom Weis, Donald Scott, Adolf Schashswary, Cliff Culhane, Joe Torres, Mark Judd, Joe Berinye

Next Row:  L --> R:  Pat Murphy, Joyce De King, Nancy Fermazin, Janet Okapal, Diane Balough, Donna hamman, Sandy Hardy, Mary Lou Herera

Next Row: L-->R: Willaim Schomer, John Miketi, Robert Bearden, Franklin Wackerline, Harry Roberts, Terry Mc Donald Ronald Fichtel, David Walgren

Front Row: L-->R:  Dolores Nila, Carol Ney, Angela Hernandez, Christine Dedner, Sharon Toussaint, Beverly Deutsch, Mary Hernandez, Dolores Gonzalez, Carmen Howard, Father Henkel.

Not in picture: Father Beckendorf, Bridget Gruber.


  1. I was trying to figure out where this picture was taken and whether you guys were 6th or 8th graders. I'm an alumnus of ft. Therese School too. Class of 89'.

    1. 8th Grade graduation in church at the altar. 1956.