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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What ever happened to theFullerton College RN Nursing Graduation June 1968

Fullerton College
Fullerton, California
RN Nursing Graduation

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Front Row: L-->R: Kerry Painter, Madeline Mazuffou, Jane Bunl Crawford, Marlene Horavac, Sue Bunite, Sherry Erazam, Roger Mc Gue

Row 2: L-->R: Sally Novak, Raylene Brau, Pat Christoffers, Sandy Milne, Mary Wetmorhausen, Babetta Moser, Carol Humbokel, Rita Coulon

Row 3: L-->R: Joanna taylor, Dorothy Chase, Maxine Nunes, Charlotte Meyers, Adriena Azalblar Cohen, Patty Dill, Kris Stoff, Nancy Neff

Row 4: L-->R: Barbara Jolsted, Nancy Fermazin, Carol Seger, Adrienn Brown, Myrna Horton, Edith Lockwood, Barbara Shaw, Sue Wolever

Row 5: L-->R: Karen Phillips, Barbara Carpenter, Pat Allyn, Carol Walker Zemel, Robbie Hazard, Pam Robinson, Amy Woodling

Back Row: L-->R: Doug Rodriguez, Lynne Andrews, Tania Zeber, Diane Harkness, Sue Berry Browne, Rose Maynard, Sue Bodger

Not in picture: Phyllis Taylor, Dorothy Mills

*Nancy Fermazin went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and  Masters in Nursing (MSN), Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) from California State College, Dominguez Hills.

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  1. Nancy, Your "Ancestor Approved" image captured my attention right away. I scrolled down to be welcomed by some of your ancestors and photos: Fermazin, Pott, Bevier, the dogs, the map, Hiram playing his violin. Your passion is evident and I hope cousins take an interest in their family history as a result of your efforts. Hope to see you in Dawn's class. Linda Missouri