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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friedrich Fermazin and Caroline Hartwig

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Friedrich Formazin  and Caroline Hartwig:
He is listed as Einwohner in his records,
Their children:

Born: Aug.21,1862 Piardowo
Bapt: Aug.23,1862
Godparents: Daniel Ristau, Ottilie  Fermazin Marx
Entry # 146/1862 page 69

Born: Nov.29,1864 Godziwy
Bapt: Jan.8,1865
Godparents: August Hartwich, Caroline Harhala (spelling)
Entry # 9/1865 page 77

Otto Reinhard
Born: Nov.8,1867 Godziwy

Born Jan 28, 1875

      Records checked: 1821-1874 births, marriages and deaths, with a gap in marriages in          years 1861-1874

In Schubin there are mentioned by you two families, and two Friedrichs by the same last names:

Friedrich Formazin ( Einwohner – resident) and Caroline Ristau:

Auguste Emilie
Born: Feb.28,1858 Neu Schottland
Godparents: Christian Ristau, Henriette Reipreis (sp.)
Entry # 36/1858

Robert Michael
Born: Aug.12,1861 Kowalewo
Bapt: Aug. 18,1861
Godparents: Michael Gruning, Justine Hartwich
Entry # 128/1862
Died: Feb.27,1862 in Kowalewo.
Entry # 26/1862

Adolphine Florentine
Born: May 22,1863 Kowalewo
Bapt: Jun.7,1863
Godparents: Adam Foss, Louise Ristau
Entry # 106/1863 page 66

Ernst Eduard
Born: Jun.9, 1865 Kowalewo ( later Gruenhagen)
Bapt. Jun.22,1865
Godparents: Ludwig Kohert, Wilhelmine Arnold
Entry # 17/1865 page 77

Freidrich Reinhold
Born: Apr.17,1868 Neuwelt
Bapt: May 3,1868
Witnesses: Eduard August, Wilhelm Beyer
Entry # 74/1868 page 2

Birth records of 1869-1874 show no other children of Friedrich Fermazin and Caroline Ristau. No marriage was found in earlier record and no additional deaths.  I did discovered remarriage of Caroline in later civil records of Schubin land 1:

[Caroline became a widow so this ruled out this Friedrich Formazin as my gggrandfather but I think this Friedrich Formazin is son of August Formazin who is son of Friedrich Formazin and Louise Bonau.]

Sep.30,1877 Schubin  Entry # 10/1877
Laborer Heinrich Engel born on Mar. 28,1830  in Gorzykowo, county of Bromberg, resided in Schottland , son of deceased in Klein Wolfhaus, county Bromberg Friedrich Engel and deseased in lein Bartelsee Henriette nee Sabecka
Got married to
Laborer Caroline Formazin nee  Ristau, born in Kolaczkowo now Rensdorf, resided in Gruenhagen, age about 50 (exact date unknown), daughter of deceased in Zamosc Johann Ristau and deceased in Schoenmadel Louise Strohschein.

Witnesses: Carl Dragorius age 50 of Schubin, Louise Krause age 42 of Neuwelt

Unfortunately, I have not seen the deaths of 1876 & 77 to prove death of Friedrich Fermazin. It will wait for my next trip to archives in Bydgoszcz – along with other records that await discovery.

I checked the marriages 1874-1877 for Schubin Land 1. I have not found the marriage of Peter Hinz to Henriette Formazin, but I found two of their children:
Julius Wilhelm
Born: Apr.17,1876 Guenhagen
Registered: Apr. 19,1876
Informant: grandmother – Caroline Formazin of Gruenhagen
Father’s status: Einwohner – resident
Entry # 58/1876
Civil Registry Schubin Land 1.

Ottilie Emma
Born: Jul. 2,1878 Blumenthal
Registered Jul.4,1878
Civil registry Schubin Land 2.
Entry # 93/1878

Question here is wheather this family could have one more child between 1858 and 1861.
Only if they moved somewhere else for 2 years – outside of Labischin and Schubin Parishes.

Research compiled with help of Kasia from Poland

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