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Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Do I Meme

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* Hardware: iMac, Intel Core I7, 2.8 GHz, RAM 8 GB, 256 KB cache per core, 2 TB,; Sony Laptop 2.4 GHz,  RAM 4 GB, 300  GB, KB cache 500;
* External storage: 2 TB EHD, 1.5 TB EHD, 1 TB Time Machine Backup, Multiple portable EHDs, I need lots of EHD for Digital scrapbooking and Genealogy etc.
Online storage: DropBox (free)
* Backup: Drop Box, Time Machine, Carbonite
* Printer: Epson RX 680 All In One (printer, copier, scanner) and Epson R 1800 photo scrapbook printer
* Phone:  LG
* E-mail: Gmail  and Roadrunner
* Mobile device: LG
* Mobile media: I Pod Touch 32 GB, Mobile me
* eBook Reader: Nook
* Browser: Safari and Mozilla
* Calendar: Google Calendar
* RSS: reader is Google Reader, burner is Feedburner
* Text editor:  Microsoft Office Word 2008 and Pages* Graphics: Picasa, Photoshop Elements, Memory Mixer
* Screen capture: Snipping Tool
* Social media: Facebook and Twitter
* Accounting: Excel
* Firewall: Windows Firewall on my laptop
* Virus protection: Norton on my laptop
* Spyware: MalwareBytes
* Genealogy database: Reunion for the Mac (Don’t like it, Waiting for Family Tree Maker for the Mac) RootsMagic 4  and Legacy
* Genealogy tools: Geneabloggers, Microsoft OneNote (organize ideas, create lists, brainstorm)
* PDF generator: Microsoft Word 2007
* Music player: iTunes
* Car audio:  Radio and CD player
* Other tech stuff: Um…nothing noteworthy that I can think of here

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