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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Charles Daniel Fermazin

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Charles Fermazin Family 1913

This was a picture taken on the day of the funeral of Charles Fermazin (1859-1913).
The house was turned into a boarding house to support the family with Minnie running it.

I received this picture from my dad's Aunt Charlotte Stuber. I appreciated that she labeled the photo for me.  Charlotte said that each of the 7 children of Charles Fermazin received a copy of this photo at the time it was taken.
Bottom Row: Roy was my grandfather. His full name was Robert August Fermazin. Nickname: Roy.
Grandpa was handsome. This was taken the year before he married my Grandma, Mary Linden. They eloped to Chicago. I think because he was Lutheran and she was Catholic.

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